5 Essentials for a Memorable Off-Roading Adventure!

Written by Kelsey Lacey

For off-roading enthusiasts, driving on some of the most unforgiving terrains is actually a rush of adrenaline. It can also be described as a way of life; some love it, others absolutely detest it. It is therefore a highly subjective matter. That said, if you are someone who actually enjoys the call of off-roading, you require a couple of things for a safe and enjoyable trip. Using quality rims like KMC Wheels is just one of them.

The US Forest Service placed the number of off-roaders just north of 43 million in 2020. That’s a humongous number, and many of them make silly mistakes.

The good news? You can avoid these oversights!

Off-roading requires skill, dedication, a sense of adventure and common sense. Since you will likely be traversing areas and roads where finding assistance in times of trouble is highly unlikely, you require a few things handy.

Essentials for off-roading

A memorable trip requires careful planning and cutting down on the number of items you are carrying, effectively limiting the weight which your pickup truck or SUV has to haul on roughshod roads. If you are using slightly heavier wheels, like most Helo Wheels, that also adds to the gross weight.

The concept of keeping the deadweight low is to preserve fuel and increasing mileage.

Now, let us take a look at the 5 must-haves for a risk-free trip.

  1. Use a set of quality off-roading rims: It is true that most off-road-capable rims look very similar. But you can ask for quality advice from your acquaintances who have had experience off-roading. KMC Wheels manufactures a broad range of off-roading rims which are lightweight, durable, capable of absorbing punishment, and available in extremely attractive finishes.

Should you wish, you can also use Asanti Wheels, another top brand. One great advantage of Asanti’s models is their unparalleled customization capacity.

It is very unwise to mix and match old and new rims, and such a practice can prove to be a liability on unknown roads. Whenever you are purchasing new wheels, buy a full set plus one spare.

  1. Carry plenty of water, fluids, dry foods and blankets: Going for a multi-day off-roading trip to detoxify your mind and body from the rigors of daily life? Ensure you have adequate fluids and food. If a blizzard hits midway, you’ll have to learn to make do with whatever you have handy. Chocolates are excellent sources for energy.

Most high-end off-roading aftermarket brands like Helo Wheels also dole out quality advice on the dos and don’ts of off-roading trips, especially if they are longer ones. Do read them thoroughly.

  1. A heavy-duty jack is a must-have: It is not a terribly good idea to trust the tire jack that comes with your vehicle. Instead, whenever you are at your local retailer buying or merely browsing through the latest models launched by Fuel, Black Rhino or Asanti Wheels, always procure a hardy and capable jack.

In our opinion, one of the best models you can buy is the ‘Hi-Lift® X-TREME‘, the flagship model of the Hi-Lift range. This jack can easily lift up vehicles weighing in somewhere around 7000 pounds. That’s more than 3,170 kilograms!

The X-TREME jack works superbly even on sandy or snowed-out surfaces, making it indispensable.

  1. Use the right tires: This is one area where even seasoned off-roaders go wrong. You must choose from either the off-road or 4×4, heavy-duty tires from the most renowned manufacturers. This is as essential as settling on KMC Wheels, since both rims and tires should be able to tackle tricky surfaces.

Ideally, you can choose from the multitude of models from Michelin, Continental, Hankook, Nexen, Falken or Pirelli. These are world-class branded tires guaranteed to provide superb driving experiences.

  1. First-aid kit, portable lighting and air compressors are essential: A thoughtfully put-together First-aid kit is a must-have. Additionally, since you might be stranded on an unknown road due to a sudden flat tire, it is best to carry a portable air compressor. Use it to inflate the tubes till you are satisfied. The lighting is also a critical addition to your on-road paraphernalia should you get stranded at night.

It is always a great idea to carry a spare tire for such trips.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you now have some idea of the essentials you must carry whenever you leave the din and bustle of the city for the great outdoors. Besides these, always carry a physical map, a compass and a small fire extinguisher. Jumper cables are also a great idea.

You can never tell when these become necessary!

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