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How to Choose the Right Model of Mercedes Car?

Written by Kelsey Lacey

Mercedes is one of the most prestigious brands of the world and it is really a pleasure to own a car of this make. Only very few chosen people or any corporate companies can afford to buy a new car of this brand as they are among the high-end variety in the USA. However, there are plenty of pre-owned Mercedes cars also available on sale, which are certified by the Mercedes Company for their performance.

Not only the Mercedes dealers will also provide necessary warranty for such certified pre-owned cars that are available at quite reasonable prices so that it is within the range of many people. Therefore, you need to choose your preferred car among various Mercedes Benz models available.

Mercedes offers following category of cars –

  • Sedans
  • Convertibles
  • Coups
  • SUVs
  • High capacity Van

As a driver you need to choose which type of vehicle will be suitable for your driving style and also useful for your family.


How Mercedes-Benz models are named?

Sedan is the one variety of cars which is preferred by large number of people. They can be available right from compact C-Class. This continue to grow in size and midsized cars are categorized in E class and finally it ends with full sized cars which are in S-class.

Mercedes also provides certain letters and numbers in their sedan models and the numbers usually denote the size and type of the engine used. As an example, C300 sedan model indicates that its engine size is 3L V6 till the year 2015-2016. In the similar way C350 sedan model has 3.5L, 6-cylinder engine. E550 has 5.5L, V8 engine and that continues like that. However, the latest models of Mercedes have changed this kind of naming scheme.

Since the year 2015, all Mercedes SUVs have 3 letter model names that start with GL.

For snow-belt drivers there is 4MATIC badge which signifies that the car is equipped with extremely competent Mercedes AWD system.


There are some models that carry AMG after the letters C, E or S on the trunk lid. If you are keeping track with various automobiles then you must be aware of that since 80s AMG modified Mercedes cars were available only for customers of the USA.

These AMG models were considered to be very high-performance vehicles and it was pretty expensive to drive and also maintain in the longer run.

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