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Motorhome Bike Racks – 3 Methods to Securely Transport Your Bikes

Written by Kelsey Lacey

Bicycles are an easy way to obtain around and explore when you get to your destination together with your travel trailer. The issue is, most travel trailers haven’t much additional room to keep bicycles. How do we transport your bikes securely and with no damage to them or travel trailer? Easy. By mounting a bicycle rack in your RV.

After we have made the decision that mounting a motorcycle rack in your RV is advisable, we have to decide where. The 2 the best places to mount a bicycle rack are in front from the travel trailer (around the tongue), or powering a clip (around the frame). Why don’t you mount the bicycle rack around the travel trailer’s bumper or ladder? Simple, most travel trailer bumpers are not shipped for that excess weight of motorcycle racks and bikes. The continual bouncing and jostling around when traveling will weaken welds making them pull apart. Additionally, the bikes close closeness towards the real wall from the travel trailer can damage both travel trailer and also the bicycles.

Below are some methods to securely mount a motorcycle rack in your travel trailer whichever location you select.

Frame-mount secure-on receiver

A frame-mount secure-on receiver is definitely an adjustable receiver that merely bolts to the RV’s frame. As it is adjustable, it may accommodate many most frames and it is much more powerful than individuals installed on the bumper. Installation is mainly determined by the way the RV manufacturer mounted the trunk bumper. An under-the-bumper mount is easily the most common but you will need to make certain there’s enough ground clearance. Most hitch manufacturers provide a frame mounted receiver. You are able to carry two bicycles securely with this particular setup without having to be worried about damage.

Semi-custom Welded Receiver

Undoubtedly the most powerful and of all of the options may be the weld-on receiver. It’s permanent and you may securely transport greater than two bicycles. You will need to figure out how much you will need to carry then ask your welder to construct your hitch established to accommodate that weight. He’ll most likely strengthen the frame area having a reinforcement plate, usually in the attachment points. Or he might even replace your travel trailer’s bumper completely. With this particular setup, you’ll have a quite strong receiver to mount your car bike rack. This kind of semi custom fabrication could be more costly but if you are considering taking your bicycles along with you everywhere, this is one way to visit.


This car bike rack is one unit that you could either secure on or weld towards the frame area in the tongue of the travel trailer. With this particular carrier, the 2 bicycles can securely be transported on the top from the lp tanks. Also, you can keep close track of your bicycles with the tow vehicle’s rear window on a trip lower the street. There’s a a couple of things to bear in mind when utilizing this setup though. If tongue weight concerns you, this location might not be appropriate for you personally. Two bicycles and also the carrier can also add considerable weight around the tongue. Another concern is that because the bicycles are transported within the lp tanks, you will need to lift them available online for.

If none of those methods to mount a motorcycle rack for your travel trailer suit your needs, you are able to go a few other routes. For those who have room at the back of your tow vehicle, you can easily carry your bikes there. Even better, you are able to mount a receiver hitch towards the front of the tow vehicle. Remember, the very best means to fix adding a motorcycle rack for your travel trailer is the one which makes your existence simpler. Benefit from the road.

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