The Benefits That Can Be Availed From Car insurance type 2 Dhipaya Insurance

Written by Kelsey Lacey

Many do not claim their car insurance for several years, and all their premium payment is wasted. For such people, car insurance type 2+ is the most suitable insurance plan. It provides similar benefits as first-class insurance. However, it is a lot cheaper and can help the car owner save money and avail excellent services. Even people with cars that are four years or older, who do not wish to pay a lot for insurance, can consider this option. The premium price is quite affordable and will not burn the pocket. One should go for ประกัน รถยนต์ ชั้น 2 ทิพยประกันภัย if they wish to opt for the class 2+ insurance.

Class 2+ insurance covers accidents, car collisions, damage caused by natural disasters, and even damage caused by unexpected incidents such as terrorism. It has almost the same benefits as the first-class insurance, so choosing this premium will save a lot of money, which can be used for many other essential purposes.

Things covered under the class 2+ insurance:                  

  • Accidents by a car collision– The car will be repaired and made ready to use again. However, it depends on the sum selected.
  • Lost car– If a vehicle is lost, the insurance will cover the cost according to the sum insured.
  • Car fires– When the car is on fire, the owner can claim the insurance and cover the expenses according to the sum selected.
  • Flooded cars– When a vehicle is damaged due to a flood, you will cover the expenses according to the insured sum.
  • Damage due to terrorism– Some places are risky, and cars are at the risk of getting damaged due to the unsafe areas they live in. The damages caused can be covered by the amount of sum insured.
  • Accidents of the driver or passengers– The costs of such accidents are also covered under this insurance plan. The medical expenses will be protected according to the sum selected.
  • Bail for the driver in case of criminal charges– In case a passenger dies, and the driver gets arrested, the insurance plan will cover the cost of the amount of bail needed to get them out.

Many other benefits can be availed through this ประกัน รถยนต์ ชั้น 2 ทิพยประกันภัย. It is especially perfect for people to have four years or older cars since they would not need to spend a lot on insurance.

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