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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Best In Class Used Mercedes Cars

Written by Kelsey Lacey

Buying a luxurious Mercedes is often a dream of most of the people. If you are also looking to buy one such luxurious car and have decided to go with a used car, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before going ahead.

Look for the perfect seller for your choice

An old Mercedes can be brought from different places including direct seller, dealers, auctions etc. it is in your best interest to know which deal is best for the model you want to purchase. Mercedes specialists are in direct contact with the car owners, they check the quality of car before keeping it for sale. If you want to get value for money, go ahead with a reputed dealer.

Get service history note

Based on the distance covered by a pre owned Mercedes, the service history can also vary. You would not want to purchase a car which has run more than 50000 km, unless you want it for your collection of cars. Check if the vehicle has the required service history document. This way you can be sure about the up keeping of the car which is going to be yours in no time.

Get the spare-parts checked

Just like the engine, other spare parts of the car makes up the model. Although the best thing is to go with reputed dealers, if you want to buy directly from seller, go ahead and get the spare parts checked for originality. Any change if ever carried can be seen in the service history note. However, if it was not original you won’t be able to find it in that document.

There is always room for negotiations

Being a luxury car, the price of even used Mercedes is also going to be high. However, do not forget to do a little bit of research about the price range. If you are sticking to a single model which no one else has to offer, it is always good to negotiate.

Total upkeep

You do not want a rusted car. Therefore, it is necessary to check wheel arches, footwalls, suspension mounts and door shills etc. to get an idea about the upkeep of car. If there is no sign of rust you can be sure about total condition and life of your car.


Though you won’t be able to find a car performing just like a new one but you can still get your hands on the best pre owned car if you follow the advice mentioned above.

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