The Influence of Anti-theft Mechanisms on Bike Insurance Premiums

Written by Kelsey Lacey

When we talk about technological advancements, we cannot ignore the development the automation industry has undergone. Moreover, with the rise in the demand for two-wheelers, we can also find an increasing graph of bike thefts. It is also a reason why anti-theft devices are on the rise.

Loss of two-wheelers due to theft is a very common reason for bike insurance claims. This is one of the reasons why more and more individuals look out for comprehensive bike insurance online. Bike insurance premiums depend on various factors, and IDV in the bike insurance policy is one of the most significant factors affecting bike insurance premiums.

Many two-wheeler owners opt for anti-theft mechanisms for safety from all these issues. But what exactly are these anti-theft devices?

Anti-theft Devices For Bikes

Anti-theft devices are mechanical devices that are designed to prevent theft and protect the asset or object in question. Such devices are specially designed and created for various products, and two-wheeler vehicles are one of those. The devices that are tailor-made for bikes are anti-theft devices for bikes!

The best and most trusted of these devices are ARAI anti-theft devices, i.e., the devices approved by the Automotive Research Association of India. By deterring and preventing the risk of threat, the device not only protects the bike owner’s investment in the bike but also reduces the risk to two-wheeler insurance companies.

List of Anti-Theft Devices

There are various anti-theft devices available in the market that offer different features and added layers of protection and security for your bike that is usually parked in public parking zones.

1. Bike Theft Alarm

An alarm can prove to be one of the best bike anti-theft systems ever. Alarm systems include a motion sensor that emits a loud sound when it is activated. These alarms are extremely loud and can startle potential thieves as well as draw attention to the location of crime.

2. GPS Tracking Systems

The GPS tracking system uses the technology to enable bike owners to track their stolen bikes. This is installed in the bike’s system discreetly and helps the owner to recover their bike immediately.

3. Anti-theft Locks for Bikes

These anti-theft locks, like cables or U-locks, are made up of solid and thick chains that are difficult to break or cut. This secures the bike and makes it an immovable object.

4. Disabling Systems

The disabling system is also a unique anti-theft system installed in bikes, especially modern bikes. It allows the owners to disable the bike from their current location.

5. Immobilisers

Immobilisers are installed in new-age two-wheelers that expect the person in charge to enter a code or password in order to start the bike. This helps the owner to protect the bike and makes it difficult for the thief to steal the bike.

Impact of Anti-Theft Devices on Bike Insurance Premiums

Firstly, the anti theft devices reduce the possibility of theft of a bike that is insured. This, in turn, reduces the chances of a claim being raised by the policyholder due to the theft of their bike. Since there is little risk, the insurance company will have to bear little loss, if not none. This reduces the amount of insurance premium the company demands from the policyholder.

As we all know, one of the factors that determine the policy premium of a bike is the anti-theft device installed.

Benefits of Anti-Theft Mechanism

  • Anti-theft mechanisms tend to scare away thieves. It is pronounced that bikes that have anti-theft devices installed in them are at a lesser risk of getting stolen because they stand as a wall between the thief and the bike.
  • As mentioned above, anti-theft devices have a positive impact on the insurance premium, i.e., the insurance premium decreases if you have an anti-theft device installed or in use.
  • With lower chances of complete loss due to theft, you are saved from all the financial and mental stress of your bike being stolen.
  • In case your bike is stolen even after having an anti-theft device in use, the claim settlement process is easier and simplified.

Ensure buying a bike insurance policy from a reputed insurance company, like Tata AIG that has a higher claim settlement ratio, has excellent customer service in place, and will guide you through all the procedures.

 Ending Note

Protecting your motorcycles from theft is vital for your financial situation, mental health, and convenience. This is especially necessary when the number of thefts is increasing by the day. Installing anti-theft devices not only acts as a deterrent to potential thieves but also has a positive impact on the insurance premiums you pay on a regular basis.

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